The Best Centrifugal Juicer

We tested 17 different centrifugal juicers made by 12 different brands and ranging in price from as low as $40 all the way up to $400 to find the one best centrifugal juicer on the market.

Breville juicers dominate the market

Of the 17 juicers we tested, 5 of them were made by the same brand: Breville. If you’ve scanned the market for a centrifugal juicer yourself you’ve probably noticed a similar theme – many different brands but many made by one brand: Breville. Breville juicers also feature prominently in articles and documentaries about the juicing lifestyle. So much so that the name brand “Breville” is almost synonymous with centrifugal juicers. Breville juicer is the best Centrifugal Juicer.

The question then is does Breville or does some other brand claim the prize of making the best centrifugal juicer on the market?

The answer: yes, Breville does make the best centrifugal juicer BUT this goes for only ONE of their juicers – the Juice Fountain Compact. Most of the others – specifically, the Duo, Elite, and Multi-Speed – all have specific issues that keep us from recommending them. Some have performance issues (low yield in certain categories), one has (albeit relatively insignificant) quality control issues, a few are severely overpriced, while most are just a poor value overall.

In other words, you’re by no means guaranteed to be buying the best centrifugal juicer or even one of the best centrifugal juicers solely by sticking to the Breville brand. But, your best option for a centrifugal juicer will be a Breville nonetheless: that being the Juice Fountain Compact.

Can other brands compete with Breville?

O, what about other brands? Can you buy a good quality centrifugal juicer from any brand other than Breville? Yes, you certainly can.

But be warned: there are several terrible quality juicers to stay away from. With the Breville brand you may overpay, you may get below average yields juicing certain produce, or you may be exposed to certain relatively insignificant quality control issues, but the floor for quality is still relatively high. As soon as you look outside of the Breville brand the floor for quality is much lower.

Some examples of pitfalls to look out for when shopping outside of the Breville brand:-

1. A super small feeding chute. Most centrifugal juicers (including all Breville juicers) come with a 3 inch wide feeding chute. This allows you to juice most fruits and veggies whole. Certain centrifugal juicers by brands other than Breville come with extremely small feeding chutes – in the 1 to 2 in. range. This requires that you cut fruits and veggies before juicing them – greatly adding to prep work and time required to juice.

2. The lack of an included cleaning brush. A key component in a centrifugal juicer is its filter basket. The filter basket is the part of the juicer that cuts into produce and separates pulp from juice. The blades at the center of the basket cut into the produce and the fine mesh around its perimeter separates liquid juice from dry pulp.

A special tool is required to safely clean the blades and properly remove pulp from the fine mesh around the perimeter of the basket. Most centrifugal juicers come with a special cleaning brush for this exact task. All Breville juicers come with the exact same high quality brush. Certain juicers made by other brands come with a very low quality brush. A few come with no brush at all. Those juicers that come with low quality brushes or no brush at all are a lot more difficult to clean.

3. poor build quality and/or a terrible warranty. All of the Breville juicers we tested were extremely well made and all were made with high quality parts. The same isn’t true for many other centrifugal juicers we tested. Juicers in the sub $100 range, especially, were observed to be made quite poorly with low quality parts. Definitely check out our individual model reviews and the corresponding durability section in those some reviews before you buy a non-Breville centrifugal juicer.

Warranty is another thing to look out for. Breville juicers come with only 1 year warranties but their warranties are straightforward – all parts are covered and it’s very easy to get into contact with Breville customer support to make a warranty claim. Many centrifugal juicers come with longer warranties (in the 2 to 3 year range) but these warranties often do not cover all parts and the corresponding brand may be difficult to get into contact with.

What we use to rank centrifugal juicers

As we mentioned earlier, we tested over 15 centrifugal juicers. We assembled them, prepared produce to juice with them, actually juiced with them, and cleaned them. Our rankings at the end of this guide take into account several ranking “factors” but none are more important than the actual yield each juicer was able to extract in our juicing performance tests.

Raw Out of Juicer YieldRAW
Pulp Free After Sieve YieldNOPULP
*Each numeric value listed below is a final juice weight in ounces after a starting produce weight of 1 lb. (16 oz.)
 Orange Grape Carrot Celery Apple 
JE98XL Plus11.411.110.59.710.510.312.812.61110.6
BJE820XL Duo10.810.310.510.3119.612.912.511.210.7
800JEXL Elite1110.7109.710.31012.21211.911.4
BJE510XL M-Speed10.29.610.810.69.1611.510.310.99.8
BJE200XL Compact11.811.512.712.110.510.61312.912.211.3
Cuisinart CJE-10009.88.910.6109.28.211.4119.38.3
Jamba 6790110.58.41310.611.38.513.210.411.36.7
HB Big Mouth Pro12.410.112.811.79.98.712.711.711.79.4
Big Boss10.91010.
Juiceman JM40011.910.611.610.
Juiceman JM2508.9810.89.797.211.911.19.48.2
B+D JE2200B9.58.310.19.197.711.710.59.57.5
Jack Lalanne111011.510.49.97.712.4118.33.5
Jason Vale Fusion119.111.611.28.78.310.610.310.48.2

The Three Best Centrifugal Juicers

#1 – Breville Juice Fountain Compact

The Juice Fountain Compact is the best centrifugal juicer we’ve tested. Surprisingly, it’s the least expensive juicer Breville makes. It retails for only about $100. The Breville Juice Fountain Duo, the most expensive centrifugal juicer Breville makes, usually retails in the $300 to $400 range. The Compact’s $100 price tag is a great value, especially when you consider its performance compared to more expensive options in our juicing performance tests.

Despite its much cheaper price, the Compact outperformed all other (more expensive) Breville juicers in our juicing performance tests. It also outperformed all other juicers by other brands.

It garnered above average yields juicing both softer fruits like oranges and grapes and harder fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, and apples. It also extracted a juice low in pulp. Some juicers, like the Jamba 67901, were able to extract high yields directly out of the juicer but this juice contained a lot of pulp and foam. After pouring that initial raw yield through a sieve, the after sieve (pulp-free) juice yield was much lower. With the Compact a sieve won’t even be necessary. It extracts a juice low in pulp and foam directly out of the juicer.

The Compact comes with the same 3 in. feeding chute as much more expensive (mostly Breville) options. This means that very little prep work/time is required for juicing with this juicer. It’s also very easy to clean so after you’re done juicing, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning it up.

The Compact is simply a great all-around juicer. If you’re looking for the best centrifugal juicer on the market, look no further than this Breville juicer.

#2 – Breville Juice Fountain Plus

The second best centrifugal juicer on the market is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. It’s slightly more expensive than the Compact at approx. $150 and with that extra cost comes a few benefits.

The first is an extra speed. The Compact comes with only one speed while the Plus comes with two. Clearly, the Compact’s single speed was more than enough for maximum yields in our juicing performance tests. But, if you’re interested in an extra speed for your own juicing experimentation you’ll only find that feature on the Plus.

The second benefit is a higher wattage motor. The Compact’s motor maxes out at 700 watts while the Plus’ motor maxes out at 850 watts. Again, this extra weightage did little in our own juicing performance tests but if you value this extra power, it may steer you in the direction of the Plus.

The third benefit is a larger juice container. The juice container catches juice as it exits the juicer. The larger the container, the less frequently you have to empty and replace it while juicing. The Compact’s container is 32 oz. while the Plus’ container is 40 oz.

The fourth and final benefit involves the materials used for each juicer’s body. The Compact has a standard plastic body. The Plus has a heavier grade polymer body. Thankfully, the juicer’s body is the last part you need to worry about cracking or breaking over continued use. However, if you value the Plus’ more heavy duty body it may be a reason for you to get the Plus.

Are any one or all four of these benefits enough of a reason (or reasons) for us to recommend that you spend the extra $50 (approx.) to get the Plus. No, they’re not.

Is the Plus a bad purchase? No, not at all. It serves as a great alternative to the Compact – if the Compact is out of stock and you need to buy a juicer today OR if any or all of the benefits listed above are enough of a reason for you to prefer the Plus over the Compact.

#3 – Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro

The Big Mouth Pro is the only juicer we’ve tested that’s cheaper than the Compact while still being a reasonably good juicer. At a retail price of approx. $60 it’s about $40 cheaper than the Compact.

To make up for this cost savings you’ll have to make certain sacrifices. First, is the quality of the extracted juice. The juice extracted by the Big Mouth Pro contains much more pulp and foam than the juice extracted by the Compact. The second major downside is the cleaning brush included with the Big Mouth Pro. It’s a really low quality brush which makes cleaning the Big Mouth’s filter basket much more difficult than it needs to be. The third and final downside is build quality. The Big Mouth is not nearly as well built and doesn’t have close to the same level of quality of parts as the Compact.

If you can stomach all three of these downsides then the Big Mouth Pro is a solid buy and the cheapest buy on this list at approx. $60.

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