The Best Small Juicers of 2022

Can you buy a great juicer that’s also small and compact? Yes, but you’ll need to compromise. It will be small and compact but it won’t necessarily be the smallest juicer on the market.

The smallest juicers are not the best juicers

The smallest juicer we’ve tested so far – and maybe the smallest electric juicer on the market – is the Black+Decker JE2200B. It measures only 11 in. across, 6.5 in. deep, and 12.5 in. tall. The juicer is also very light – only about 4.5 lb. fully assembled. The body alone weighs only 3 lb.

The Black+Decker is not a very good juicer. It garnered well below average yields in all of our juicing performance tests. It extracts a juice that’s very high in pulp. Its tiny feeding chute requires that you cut produce into very small pieces before you can juice them. It doesn’t come with a specialized cleaning brush to clean its filter basket. It comes with very small juice and pulp containers (which means that you’ll constantly have to empty them as you juice). And it’s also one of the most poorly made juicers we’ve tested.

If you’re looking for a cheap small juicer cross this one off your list.

Another very small and portable juicer with equally poor test results is the Juiceman JM250. It suffers from all of the same shortcomings as the Black+Decker.

Another small and low quality example is the VonShef centrifugal juicer. It doesn’t have the tiny feeding chute of the above examples but it juices equally poorly and is perhaps even more poorly made.

We’ll stop here but you get the point: the smallest juicers are not the best juicers.

A slightly larger size makes all the difference

The best juicer we’ve tested – the one juicer we recommend to most consumers – is not a big juicer. It’s not the smallest. But it’s not very big either. That juicer is the Breville Juice Fountain Compact.

The Compact is about 1.5 in. longer, 0.5 in. deeper, and 3 in. taller than the Black+Decker JE2200B. It weighs about 3 lb. more fully assembled. But it’s still a relatively small and compact juicer. Hence the name – Juice Fountain Compact.

The Compact is an outstanding juicer. It outperformed almost all of the other juicers we tested in most yield tests. You don’t have to sacrifice yield by moving to this smaller more compact juicer. Not to mention the fact that the juice it extracts is virtually pulp free. With this juicer, you won’t have to run extracted juice through a sieve if you prefer a lower pulp juice.

The Compact has the same large 3 in. feeding chute as much larger options like the Breville Juice Fountain Plus and Multi-Speed. This means that you won’t have to cut produce into tiny pieces before juicing.

The juicer is also easy to clean and highly durable. There’s a distinct difference in the overall quality of parts and build quality between this juicer and much cheaper options like the JE2200B and JM250.

This juicer is no question the first juicer we would recommend if you’re looking for a small and portable option for your kitchen.

What about cold press juicers?

Slow juicers tend to be about the same size but much heavier than centrifugal juicers.

 Slow (Cold Press)Centrifugal
Average sizeLWH totaling about 35 in.LWH totaling about 35 in.
Average weight12 to 14 lb. fully assembled7 to 8 lb. fully assembled
Note: “LWH” stands for “Length, Width, Height”

Horizontal masticating and twin gear juicers are longer but not as tall as centrifugal juicers. Vertical masticating juicers are right about the same dimensions.

Unfortunately, there’s no small or compact outlier in the slow juicer category. The good news then is that if you’re looking for the best small slow juicer, just look for the best slow juicer overall (we mention a few good options in the full list of recommended small juicers at the end of this guide).

There are, however, a few “heavy” outliers. The twin gear Tribest GSE is one of them. It weighs a hefty 18 lb. (approx.) fully assembled. Another outlier is the Champion juicer. It weighs almost 21 lb. fully assembled.

There’s also a “light” outlier. The Hamilton Beach slow juicer weighs only 9 lb. fully assembled but it’s not a very good juicer otherwise. It’s low weight is mostly due to the fact that it’s made of light and cheap plastic parts (compared to the much more heavy duty construction of most other slow juicers on the market).

Top 3 Small Juicers

#1 – Breville Juice Fountain Compact

The great news if you’re looking for a small juicer is that the best juicer we’ve tested is also a relatively small and compact juicer – the Breville Juice Fountain Compact. This juicer is small and light but it extracts juice even better than most other options that are much heavier and much larger in size. You don’t have to sacrifice yield when purchasing this smaller juicer. You also don’t have to sacrifice juice quality. This juicer extracts a virtually pulp free juice. If you’re looking for the best small juicer on the market, this is it.

#2 – Omega NC800

The NC800 is our small slow juicer recommendation. As we mentioned above, there’s no particular small slow juicer outlier that we tested. All slow juicers are essentially the same size (once you add up their L,W,H). Why then, is the NC800 recommended? Because it’s the best slow juicer we tested overall.

It extracts juice very well. It’s easy to clean. It’s easy to keep clean because of its stain resistant parts. It’s built very well. It comes with a 15 year warranty. And it’s a good value – it offers the best combination of price and performance of any slow juicer we’ve tested.

#3 – Tribest Slowstar

The NC800 is a horizontal masticating juicer. It’s longer than it is tall (about 19 in. across and 13 in. tall). The Slowstar is a vertical masticating juicer. It has dimensions that resemble that of a centrifugal juicer – it’s taller than it is long (only 11 in. across but 18 in. tall).

If you’re looking for a juicer that will comfortably fit on your kitchen counter under the upper cabinets a horizontal masticating juicer like the NC800 is likely the safer option. If you’re looking for the more compact option lengthwise, a vertical masticating juicer like the Slowstar is recommended.

The Slowstar is the best vertical masticating juicer we tested. Like the other recommended models in this list it provides terrific yields although the juice it extracts does tend to contain a little bit more pulp. It’s also slightly more difficult to clean and the warranty included with this juicer is not as good as the one included with the Omega. But, this is the best vertical masticating option on the market and if you prefer this juicer type (vertical masticating) over all others, it is the best “small” option on the market also.

Here’s a complete list of models, dimensions, and weight for all of the juicers we’ve tested if you’re trying to determine if the model you want to buy will fit in your kitchen:

Legend for Portability Table
BAWBody and All parts w/ pusher Weight
BOWBody Only Weight
HWPHeight W/ Pusher
Note: All lengths in inches.
Slow (Cold Press)
Tribest GSE17 lb 12.2 oz13 lb 8.7 oz718.512.7516.5
Champion20 lb 15.7 oz19 lb 5.5 oz7.751813.2513.25
Omega NC800HDS12 lb 11.2 oz11 lb 0.4 oz7.5191313
Kuvings NJE13 lb 10.3 oz11 lb 12 oz6.515.513.2513.25
Tribest Solostar 412 lb 0 oz10 lb 6 oz716.51315
Hamilton Beach Slow8 lb 15.4 oz7 lb 5.3 oz7.512.51314.5
Omega J8006/ 800412 lb 13.4 oz11 lb 5.2 oz816.512.7515.75
Breville BJS600XL13 lb 12.8 oz10 lb 14.6 oz8916.516.5
Tribest Slowstar14 lb 4.2 oz11 lb 2.5 oz8.25111820
Omega VSJ843QS14 lb 8.9 oz11 lb 9.8 oz9.59.515.7517.5
Hurom HU 100SB13 lb 3.3 oz10 lb 9.6 oz7.51016.2517.5
Kuvings B6000S14 lb 5.9 oz10 lb 12.4 oz8.5917.7518.5
SKG Wide Chute14 lb 3.2 oz10 lb 9.1 oz910.518.519.5
Omega VRT35013 lb 2.0 oz10 lb 8.6 oz79.51617.25
Breville JE98XL Plus9 lb 3.6 oz6 lb 4.6 oz8.516.51617
Breville BJE820XL Duo13 lb 15.3 oz9 lb 15.1 oz8.517.51617
Breville 800JEXL Elite14 lb 3.8 oz10 lb 2.0 oz8.510.51617
Breville BJE510XL Multi-Speed10 lb 10 oz7 lb 3.4 oz7.51715.2516
Breville BJE200XL Compact7 lb 12 oz5 lb 8.5 oz712.515.2516.25
Cuisinart CJE-10009 lb 9.6 oz6 lb 6.6 oz91715.7517
Jamba 6790112 lb 13.7 oz8 lb 11 oz8151617.25
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth, Pro7 lb 15.45 lb 3.8 oz7.513.51414.5
Dash7 lb 12.7 oz5 lb 1.2 oz81816.517.5
Big Boss8 lb 3.9 oz5 lb 13.6 oz8.511.51515.75
Bella8 lb 7.9 oz6 lb 4.6 oz8.516.515.2516.25
VonShef7 lb 11.3 oz5 lb 6.8 oz8.515.51515.75
Juiceman JM4007 lb 14 oz5 lb 6.5 oz8.515.51515.75
Juiceman JM2505 lb 1.0 oz3 lb 1.9 oz711.512.2512.5
BLACK+DECKER JE2200B4 lb 7.1 oz2 lb 14 oz6.51112.512.5
Jack Lalanne’s 100 year5 lb 13.9 oz3 lb 11.3 oz8.513.514.515.5
Jason Vale Fusion10 lb 3.3 oz7 lb 9.8 oz91115.2516.25

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