Omega Juicers

Omega makes some of the best juicers in the industry. Almost all of the Omega juicers we’ve tested so far have performed very well in our yield testing. Most are easy to clean and all of them are highly durable reliable juicers that come with outstanding warranties.

Omega makes four different types of juicers:

  1. Horizontal masticating (auger oriented horizontally)
  2. Vertical masticating (auger oriented vertically)
  3. Twin gear (two gears grind produce instead of a single auger)
  4. Centrifugal (fast spinning disk slices produce)

Horizontal Masticating Omega Juicers

Omega makes the best cold press (slow) juicer we’ve tested. That juicer – the Omega NC800 – is a horizontal masticating juicer.

The NC800 is only the latest iteration in a long history of top rated Omega horizontal masticating juicers. Omega horizontal masticating juicers have in fact been so well rated and so popular that earlier generation juicers are still sold today.

Take a look at the table below:

Model No.GenerationColor

These are all juicers that are still sold in stores today. The most popular non-current generation juicer is the 8006. The 8006 was the NC800 before the NC800 was released – i.e. it was the consensus best rated cold press juicer on the market at the time of its release. Even today, many publications still recommend the 8006 as the best slow juicer you can buy.

Our own testing of both the 8006 and NC800 showed the most recent generation juicer (the NC800) to be the better option between the two.

The NC800 got better yields out of softer produce (like citrus), leafy greens, and wheatgrass. The NC800 also comes with a much better quality food pusher and processes produce much faster than the 8006. For example, it took us 11 minutes to juice 1 lb. of spinach with the 8006 during testing. The same task took only 7 minutes with the NC800.

The 8006 does have one advantage over the NC800: it was able to obtain slightly better yields juicing harder produce (like carrots).

Outside of juicing yield, food pusher quality, and processing speed, both models are highly durable and both come with an industry leading 15 year warranty. Both are also very easy to clean. Although we should mention here that the white colored version of the 8006 – the 8004 – is much more susceptible to staining than either the chrome 8006 or the NC800.

Compared to other (non-Omega) cold press juicers on the market, the NC800 gets better yields, is easier to clean, is more stain resistant, is more durable, and comes with a longer warranty than most other options. Hence why it wears the crown as the best cold press juicer we’ve tested so far.

Vertical Masticating Omega Juicers

Model No.GenerationColor
VRT330 Juicer1stwhite
VRT350 / VRT350HD Juicer2ndsilver
VRT350W Juicer / VRT330HD2ndwhite
VRT400HDS Juicer3rdsilver
VSJ843QR4thsquare, red
VSJ843QS4thsquare, silver
VSJ843QW4thsquare, white
VSJ843RR4thround, red
VSJ843RS4thround, silver

Omega’s foray into the vertical masticating juicer space started with the VRT330. The VRT330 had a particular durability issue (its screen could break) and so its successor, the VRT350 was born (the screen issue was fixed). Minor improvements were made to the VRT350 to spawn its successor, the VRT400HDS.

The VRT400HDS’s design was completely overhauled to make the VSJ843, the current generation Omega vertical masticating juicer.

The VSJ843 comes in two different configurations:

  1. square base (“Q” in model no.)
  2. round base (“R” in model no.)

The square version comes in three different colors – red, silver, and white. The round version only comes in red and silver.

Other than base shape and color, all VSJ juicers are identical.

We specifically tested the VSJ843QS (square and silver) for review. Like most other vertical masticating juicers, it’s very easy to use (cutting produce for juicing is minimal and pushing produce into the juicer is easy) but lacks the versatility of horizontal masticating juicers (cannot be used to homogenize – make nut butters, etc.).

The VSJ performed very well in all of our yield tests except for our wheatgrass test. Thus, if you’re in the market for a vertical masticating juicer it’s a great choice unless you plan on juicing a lot of wheatgrass.

Other positives for the VSJ:

  1. it’s definitely one of the more durable vertical masticating juicers on the market and also comes with one of the longest warranties at 15 years
  2. it extracts a juice that’s fairly low in pulp
  3. if you opt for a dark color version like the silver unit we tested for review, all included parts are highly stain resistant

That all being said, if you’re looking for the best vertical masticating option on the market we would recommend the Tribest Slowstar over the Omega VSJ. The Slowstar comes with an extra housing for homogenizing and juices wheatgrass much better. Otherwise, it’s a solid performer across the board, just like the VSJ (good yields in all other categories, good durability, easy to use, easy to clean, stain resistant, etc.).

Centrifugal Omega Juicers

Omega makes three different centrifugal juicers:

  1. C2100S
  2. C2000B
  3. J4000

All three of these models are hard to find online. Why?


Omega does very well in the slow (cold press) juicer space as it makes juicers that are uniquely good performers (i.e. they make juicers that get above average yields) with great durability.

In the centrifugal juicer space they don’t do nearly as well because they don’t have these same advantages. Breville simply makes better performing, more durable centrifugal juicers. Hence why they dominate the space. The end result is that it’s easy to find Breville centrifugal juicers online for purchase (because of their high popularity they’re in most stores that sell juicers), while Omega centrifugal juicers are much harder to come by (because of their low popularity their distribution is limited).

Twin Gear Omega Juicers

Omega makes only one twin gear juicer – the TWN30S. The TWN30S is one of the most affordable twin gear juicers on the market, retailing for approx. $350. For comparison, the most popular twin gear juicer on the market, the Tribest Green Star Elite, retails for about $500.

The GSE (Green Star Elite) is recommended over the TWN30S and is by far the more popular twin gear option on the market for three reasons:

  1. It has more power (a 200 watt motor over the TWN30S’s 150 watt motor)
  2. It grinds produce at lower RPM (110 RPM vs the 160 RPM of the TWN30S)
  3. All of the above results in better yields

Thus, if you’re looking for a twin gear juicer, we would recommend the GSE over the TWN30S. If you’re looking to buy a cold press juicer in the $350 price range we would recommend the NC800 over the TWN30S as it is much easier to use (to prepare produce for and juice with) and much easier to clean while still being able to get very close to the same yields.

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