The Best Centrifugal Juicer

We tested 17 different centrifugal juicers made by 12 different brands and ranging in price from as low as $40 all the way up to $400 to find the one best centrifugal juicer on the market. Breville juicers dominate the market Of the 17 juicers we tested, 5 of them were made by the same … Read more

Omega 8006/8004 Review

The Omega 8004 (left) and 8006 (right). These are identical juicers except for finish. We tested (juiced with and cleaned) only the 8004 but throughout this review will refer to mostly the 8006 as it is the version of the juicer that most consumers are more familiar with. Pros A top performer in most performance … Read more

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000-B Juicer Review | 2022

Pros Obtains very good yields juicing oranges, apples, wheatgrass and a combination of produce all at the same time Doesn’t obtain exceptionally poor yields juicing any one particular type of produce Composed of mostly stain resistant parts Much more versatile than other juicers of the same type (vertical masticating) – comes with an entirely different … Read more

The Best Small Juicers of 2022

Can you buy a great juicer that’s also small and compact? Yes, but you’ll need to compromise. It will be small and compact but it won’t necessarily be the smallest juicer on the market. The smallest juicers are not the best juicers The smallest juicer we’ve tested so far – and maybe the smallest electric juicer on … Read more

Kuvings NJE-3580U / 70U /40U/30U Review | 2022

Pros Obtains well above average yields juicing grapes and reasonable yields juicing oranges – obtains good yields juicing softer produce Obtains exceptional yields juicing wheatgrass Extracts a relatively pulp-free juice no matter what fruit or vegetable is juiced Is constructed of mostly dishwasher-safe parts – a unique feature for a slow juicer Is extremely versatile … Read more

Jack Lalanne Juicer (SLH90) Review

Pros Easy to assemble Easy to prepare produce for – little to no cutting of produce is required because of the juicer’s wide feed chute Average to only slightly below average performance in most of our juicing performance tests Reasonably easy to clean and keep stain free because of its dark color (at least for … Read more

The Best Juicer For Greens in 2022 | Reviews

In this guide we’ll evaluate the best juicers for juicing leafy greens like… Spinach Chards including swiss chard Mustard greens Collard greens Turnip greens Lettuce (romaine and iceberg) Watercress Kale Cabbage Yield Slow (cold press) juicers – vertical/horizontal masticating and twin gear juicers Out of juicer yield Most slow juicers we tested garnered a raw … Read more

VonShef Juicer Review

Pros Easy to assemble Reasonably easy to use Requires just as much food preparation as other centrifugal juicers – very little Cons Well below average performance test results except when juicing grapes Introduces a lot of pulp into the juice when juicing harder produce (does introduce less when juicing softer produce) Major performance issues – … Read more